Guy Factor

At some point in people’s lives there comes a time where progress and results drop off. Such setbacks can be some of the most important moments to dive into self-mastery and creating your vision.

Why? When we succeed, we tend to party; when we fail, we ponder.

re-energize your commitment to your ultimate goals

These setbacks produce pain and self-doubt making your progress even more of a challenge. In these moments of setback and disappointment you need a quality coach, muse or an event—someone or something to break your pattern, remind you of your goals, and put you back on the path of progress.

Remember how it was to feel the support, and enthusiasm and pure ‘belief’ in you that your mom gave you? She reminded you of your brilliance, perfection and capabilities. Through my muse work with men, I have in essence re-created the same feelings and in doing so, helped to uplevel hundreds of mens’ confidence in the area of romance and successful relationships. I’ve helped take their businesses to the NEXT level, leaving the valley of doubt behind.

My male clients have risen to their potential, to the warrior they ultimately are in business, legacy, fulfilling life dreams as well as getting body, mindset and purpose in better balance.

My work is for those men who are:

  • Ready to alleviate the potential of many more months of procrastinating, wondering and waiting
  • Able to implement concrete solutions and sales goals for their business
  • Ready to be done with struggling
  • Able to make big decisions that will benefit their business and are willing to be accountable
  • Able to admit they have personal energy blocks and are ready to change
  • Willing to take the steps to create successful strategic plans for their business

I work with my male clients all over the world through Skype and teleconference.
The various ways we can work together are as follows:


Get an accurate, clear view of where you really are in alignment with your goals and visions for yourself. This all inclusive assessment will give you an accurate reading of your physical fitness, balance, posture, alignment, strengths and weaknesses, additionally your mindset, self limitations, beliefs that are stopping you and finally on an energetic level you’ll get a deeper reading on the subtle body of energy, vitality, and balance of you as a WHOLE. Life passes by and often we don’t ‘look’ at areas that may seem painful or we just don’t know where to look because we are in our own way.

Your Factor Assessment is 2 hrs beginning with movement sequencing then postural, balance, alignment assessments followed by a sit down to complete the questionnaire. After booking your session and payment you’ll receive a online questionnaire with medical back ground info, it’s important to send that back at least 36hrs before your appointment time.

When our time together is complete you will get a summary that is worth its weight in gold. You’ll have quantifiable results to aid in your progressing towards bigger success. Included in your summary is a customized “How to fix it” prescription for what you need to get your body, mind and spirit in optimum performance, vitality and in alignment with what you want in life.

In some cases where there if holding on or inner resistance, follow up sessions are needed for accuracy, this is determined after our meeting. The pacing is always up to the individual client and their showing up, willingness and transparency. One follow up 15 min call is included and sometimes not necessary.

Total investment: $125
30 min follow up sessions $40


Harness your unlimited potential, balance your stress response, increase energy and improve health conditions-weight management. Learn timeless wisdom and practice of meditation for the modern day hero/ warrior.

4 sessions

Audio guide

30min follow up session

Total investment: $797